30 Oct 2015

Write-Up: Tempest Society

It's time to talk about Tempest Society and I cannot believe it's taken me this long to do so! After receiving many a beautiful review on Instagram, I decided to check out this wonderful business for myself and see what they were all about and I definitely wasn't disappointed.

Tempest Society is run by Ali (21) from Canada who says "Original jewelry made from genuine materials, custom hand made to order. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques and classic tools to hand forge my pieces, which are mostly crafted from recycled sterling silver."

I found many pieces in his store that screamed "BUY ME, BUY ME NOW!" because there are pieces for every kind of bookworm, from classics, to comics/graphic novels, and more modern books. The pieces are inspired by nature, geometry, different cultures, mythology, pop culture, and of course books.

Ali writes on his Etsy store: "The appeal of metalsmithing is a particularly singular one — because of the relative immutability of metal, the craft not only requires a skill that is equal parts artistic grace and brute force, but the end product itself is something that is truly timeless, never depreciating in either luster or value, and is often passed down through generations. While a beautifully made piece of fabric, or wood, or glass, or any work of art of a perhaps subtler craft may in themselves be beautiful and well-made, they will never become heirlooms in the way jewelry does. Furthermore, because of the scarcity and preciousness of the material used, the artistic act of creation becomes doubly focused and intentional; when a thing is cast in gold, it can be assured that the artisan took much time in its planning and execution. There is no eraser that the craftsman can rely on or second draft. When we look to the achievements of a past culture, or try to understand it through their material rather than intellectual remnants, it is usually through the stone and metal works that they fashioned and have survived — what their lives were like, what their values were, and what was truly important to them."

With the Holiday season around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to share the Tempest Society with you and all that this amazing store has to offer, I could not pick a single favourite item, there are just too many to choose from. (Let's be real, my heart screams Harry Potter... Always)

I would highly recommend following Ali/Tempest Society on Instagram, as Ali takes you along on his crafting journey, sharing sneak peaks and asks for input. It always makes me happy to see he's working on something from one of my favourite books, and I think you would all enjoy it as well.

For those of you who aren't into wearing your interests all over your body, Tempest Society also has a range of beautiful rings that aren't book/fandom themed, all of which are absolutely stunning.

I recently received a pair of amazing Peter and Wendy silhouette earrings and can barely resist the urge to wear them on a daily basis, they are just too beautiful!  They make me feel like singing and dancing and, well, never growing up.

Make sure to check out Tempest Society's Etsy store along with their social media below! I would definitely, as would many others that I've spoken to, recommend the store for the outstanding quality and uniqueness!

Tempest Society Store // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

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