15 Oct 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Because it's never too early, right? - Thanks to @babblingbooks for this wonderful idea! Recently I've been adding quite a few books to my Book Depository wishlist. The thing about me and buying books is that I rarely buy physical copies of books I haven't read. Some of you already know this, but my book mail generally consists of books I've already enjoyed reading.

"But why?" I hear you all crying. Well, for two reasons, firstly, in NZ we mostly get the paperback versions of books, they're usually between $16.99 - $29.99 depending on various things. Now, I know I can hope over to Book Depository and find myself a hardcover version of a book for around $30NZD. The newest Twilight is sitting in my local bookstore at $39.99 for the hardcover version, so I can save myself around $10, plus get a hardcover the same price as some paperbacks. And secondly, unless a book isn't too popular, it's usually closer to the $29.99 side of things, and I'm one of those people who struggle to read a book that I'm not in love with. So, the thought of spending an incredible amount of money on a hardcover version of a book I don't love and will probably never finish scares the crap out of me... So, I read eBooks (which I purchase, so technically I'm supporting the author twice?) and if I love it enough, it ends up on my shelves.

Okay, enough rambling, that was basically me saying I've read almost all of the books on this list. Below are the books on my Christmas Wishlist!

1. The Maze Runner Series - Box Set  
This is a series that I really put off reading, I'd heard so much hype surrounding it and was super afraid that I wasn't going to enjoy it. But, with the movie quickly approaching, I decided to dive in... and read the trilogy in four days. Oops. The box set includes the prequel The Kill Order. The covers are apparently considered the "adult versions", and I'm seriously in love with them.

2. The Divergent Series - Box Set 
While on Summer vacation last year I decided to give this series a go. The first film had already released, so I'd seen it and quite enjoyed the idea behind the series. Well, I wolfed it down in two days... and got burned knees in the process. I literally could not put down these books, the last one disappointed me a little bit. The narration kind of gave away what happens in the end (I'm trying to put this in the most non-spoiler way) but the fact that Roth changed what she did in the last book totally spoiled it for me, because why would you change that unless the spoiler thing was going to happen... does that make sense? Regardless, I did enjoy the series and am yet to read Four. So I'd be super excited to get the wonderful box set.

3. Cinder // Scarlet // Cress // Fairest 
Because it releases soon, we're also going to assume that Winter will be added to my wishlist soon... I am in love with this series and to be quite honest, I don't want it to end. It did take me a while to get through them, because I read them while "doing University work" and by "doing University work", I mean scrolling through Tumblr procrastinating University work... Anyway! I'd really love to have the hardcovers sitting on my shelves, they are insanely beautiful.

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events - Box Set
Lauren? Really? Yes! Recently, I've been re-reading the series in anticipation for the Netflix TV series (I'm still convinced that that teaser trailer was 100% legit and the fact that they're saying someone else did it is very similar to a stunt pulled before... I'm full of conspiracy theories.) My mum bought me the first three books when I was about 11 and said to me "It's about three children, and bad things happen to them..." Good pitch, Mum, good pitch.  Seriously though, she used to buy me books all the time, she was a big bookworm as a kid... Maybe I could send her this list and see if old habits die hard... (I'm kind of kidding, but kind of not...) What was the point of this again? Oh yeah, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I've just finished book six, The Ersatz Elevator, and I'm quite excited to finish the rest of the series. The first four or five really stick out in my memory, and a few odd bits of plot from the other books, but not much. These beauties would look amazing on my shelves.

5. The Complete Chronicles of Narnia
If you click on no other links but the one above the sentence I'm typing right now, that would be fine by me. Look at it and tell me it's not beautiful. It's beautiful, you don't have to tell me. When I was younger, I had The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe on audio-book and I'd listen to it over and over. I think I've only read three of the books in the series, but this would definitely convince me to revisit them. All the illustrations! It's like magic..

6. Throne of Glass // Crown of Midnight // Heir of Fire // Queen of Shadows // The Assassin's Blade 
Now, I'm not sure that I have the right Throne of Glass there, it's hardcover but it says Library Binding... Does that mean something different? I couldn't find a different version on Book Depository Let me know below! Anyway, I'm only five chapters in to Crown of Midnight, but it doesn't even matter. I know I'm in this series for life. No, seriously. I have the white paperback versions already, but something about these versions really make me happy. I'm going to be meeting Sarah J Maas in November of this year, so I'd be super excited to have both versions of her books (Yep, I'm going to use that as an excuse).

Okay, that's it, I hope you enjoyed finding out which books are on my wishlist! I tried to keep you entertained by writing the mini reviews and attempting to be a bit funny, I'm sorry if I've failed you. What's on your holiday wishlist? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe!

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