8 Oct 2015

Write-Up: Frostbeard Candles

The lovely owners of Frostbeard Studios contacted me recently and asked if I would like to do a product swap, and let's just say I jumped at the chance. While they chose some of my bookish mugs I spent a very large amount of time picking out the scents that I loved the look and sound of, since I couldn't smell them through the screen, I was extremely excited. I was lucky enough to end up with three of their amazing candles.

The scents I chose were Book Cellar (smells like dirt, basement, and vanilla bean), Headmaster's Office (smells like cedarwood vanilla, fireplace, and lemon drop) and Wizardy Buttery Drink (smells like: butterscotch, Crème brûlée, and buttered rum). I have to say that the Wizardy Buttery drink is my absolute favourite, almost half of the incredible candle is gone and the house smells like heaven.

Frostbeard Studio has a huge range of book inspired candles that are absolutely incredible. Some of their bestsellers are: Old Books, Oxford Library, Sherlock's Study, and The Shire. FS is run out of a studio in Northeast Minneapolis where not only do they create insanely fabulous scents for us all to enjoy but also run workshops! It costs $40USD and takes 35-45 minutes for the class and 45 minutes for your candles to cool. You get a choice of creating 2 8oz candles or 5 tartlets that are 3oz each. What an amazing opportunity to offer, things like this make me wish I lived in the US!

I was extremely impressed with not only the scents of the candles, but also by the beautiful labels and quality of the jars. My fiancé was very jealous that I got to choose the scents but is enjoying the candles immensely, I mean, who wouldn't want their house to smell like a sweet shop?!

Seriously, these candles are to die for and with such an enormous range there's something for every kind of book lover out there. Below I'll link all their social media and their shop as well! I'd like to seriously thank the owners of Frostbeard Studio for coming up with this amazing swap idea, I hope that you're enjoying your mugs as much as I'm enjoying my candles!

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