1 Oct 2015

The YA Chronicles: Volume One - That Hero Nonsense

Usually I would wait until tomorrow for The YA Chronicles to be my Feature Friday, but honestly, so many AMAZING items from stunning bookish businesses have been showing up on my doorstep lately that I can't keep up, I just want everyone to know how fantastic they all are!

Volume One of The YA Chronicles showed up on my doorstep last Saturday, a little late considering I live in New Zealand and that they're shipping from Australia, but I think I missed the arrival and the box ended up sitting in the local couriers office forgotten about. Probably my own fault, but to be honest, I was so excited to just get the box I didn't mind that it was late. Also included, but not photographed below was an 'I Love YA' bookmark, you can support their business by purchasing one here, and shipping is freeeee!

The book that was included in this month's box was The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness, which is a book I was eyeing up in my local bookstore, and I'm so happy! The book is hardcover, and I do know that that may only be the case for this month, I think the rest of the boxes will include paperback books, but if any book could have been sent to me hardcover, I'm glad it was this one. I am really looking forward to reading this book. It also came with a cute little pin/badge that reads "I am not the chosen one" which matches the synopsis of the book. ALSO, I should mention (but I forgot to photograph) that on the title page, the book was embossed with "The YA Chronicles Approved" which was SO FREAKING COOL. Like, I definitely didn't expect that, and personally I thought it was rad.

The next item was a very adorable little 4GB superhero memory stick. I believe that there were 5 possible superheroes, and I won't lie, I had my heart set on the Captain America, but who can say no to this brooding Superman with his kiss curl and everything. Unfortunately for me, he was snatched away by my fiance who insisted that because I'd had so many little presents in the mail lately, that he deserved to choose one. So Superman now lives on his keys. What I did LOVE about this memory stick, is that it's his body that comes off and the memory stick is actually in the head! I have had so many little memory sticks like this and have ended up with just a bear's butt after losing the head. A+ for this item.

We also received these little items, that were a copy of Untouchable by S.A. Starcevic in e-book format and an Untouchable bookmark. I am definitely interested in reading this book! The synopsis is:  Unlike most people, Ethan Elliot never wanted to be a superhero. Nevertheless, when his powers flare up to save his life—and the lives of innocents—he has no choice in the matter. Plunged into a world of capes, costumes and derring-do, he’ll do what it takes to succeed. Even if that means casting away his old life to become someone else. Maybe even someone better… How incredible does that sound?!!? When I downloaded the e-book it was only about 40 pages long, so definitely light and easy, make sure to check it out!

Lastly, there was a necklace from ElysianWorkshop on Etsy, and I have to say that it was my favourite thing in the box (except for the book), honestly, I think I took about 40,000 photos of it and just loved how it looked against the green and brown backdrop of the local reserve. The quote I received was "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves" - William Shakespeare, and I'm not sure whether or not there were alternative quotes but I'm super glad I got this one. I have had a long relationship with Mr. William Shakespeare, and he is freaking awesome, don't try and fight me on it.

Overall, I'd have to say I'm pretty darn pleased with my first YA Chronicles, and right after posting on Tumblr about them, I went ahead and placed an order for Volume Two: Time and Time Again, which is only available until roughly October 7th, so if you're twiddling your thumbs wondering whether or not you should go ahead and place an order for their second box, the answer is definitely YES. Don't miss out on this extraordinary box! (PS. Please excuse the random books on top of the box, these were not included, but I'd popped them there while taking other photos and thought it looked pretty cool, so I snapped a photo!)

If you're wondering about The YA Chronicles (as you should be!) they're a Young Adult subscription service run by two amazing book bloggers in Sydney, Australia where "Every month we try to find a book with as diverse a cast of characters as possible (because representation is important), great writing (because how else will you fall into a story?) and exciting plot (to get your heart pumping)." (from their website). Each box is $29.99AUD + shipping, which varies, and includes a YA paperback book, 2-5 bookish goodies AND a TYAC bookmark.

How to get in touch with them/follow them on social media:

The YA Chronicles Website // Tumblr // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter 

I hope you enjoyed this post/review/fangirl over the first YA Chronicles box, I will definitely be sharing what comes in my next box. I'm really hoping for something Doctor Who themed, as the title of the box has me thinking time travel? But who knows, after this box, I'm super excited for anything! Let me know if you received Volume One and if you signed up for Volume Two below and don't forget to subscribe, lovelies!

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