24 Oct 2015

Happy Launch Day - Books and Mugs!

This is just a quick post to say happy launch day to the Books and Mugs blog!

"Books & Mugs is a community that stands for female creators, makers, and shakers in all capacities.
We are a voice for women who like to shake the world up with their vision, creations and passions!
We stand for the fearless, the dreamer, the doer, the go-getter, and the world-changer.
We believe that each voice, whether it’s shared through writing, drawing, photography, painting, singing (just to name a few), has the potential to make this world a better place and here at Books and Mugs we are dedicated to finding the brave and brilliant voices out there and sharing them with the world!"

The blog will focus around books, fashion, art, film, reading, and much more! This is definitely a blog that you're going to want to keep up to date with, so make sure to check out all their social media below and subscribe!

Books and Mugs Blog // Instagram // Twitter

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