6 Nov 2015

Write-Up: The Book(ish) box!

For this week's feature Friday, I'm letting you all know about a business that I hope you've already heard of! It's called The Book(ish) Box, and is a subscription box aimed towards readers, however, this one isn't featured around a book. Each box comes with one literary inspired shirt, designed by the owner of the business (who also runs Appraising Pages), and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion inspired items. I've seen a lot of people posting their unboxing photos and have to say I'm incredibly jealous! I would certainly think that Christmas had come early each time one showed up on my doorstep. Photo below taken by @darkreaders.

According to their website: "Every month you'll receive a shirt by Appraising Pages Shop and 3-5  home, beauty, and fashion items. Designed with the the fashionable literary obsessed lady in mind. Just 29.99 plus shipping! The shirts are  exclusive to The Book(ish) Box and sent in your size. We search for the perfect items to add to each box, creating products with your favorite small shops." Photo below by: @enchantedbibliophile

The Book(ish) Box is run by the lovely Justine, who also runs a business called Appraising Pages, which is a store that sells literary shirts, necklaces, pillows, and products for your home. Each month Justine curates a box based around a theme, contacting smaller shops and businesses to contribute to it. Some past themes have been: Deep Reads,  Fantasy, Bump in the Night, and Bookish in Alderaan Places. I'll add some past box photos below! Photo credits, top to bottom: @ursula_uriarte // @newleafwriter // @enchantedbibliophile

Luckily for us living outside of America, The Book(ish) Box is available worldwide! It does involve the usual shipping fees, but look at those beautiful boxes and their contents, so worth it! Appraising Pages has a few reps floating around Instagram, who all have codes that involve receiving a discount for your first purchase, so if you do some hunting, you might be able to grab yourself a bargain. Photo below by: @commasandampersands

And that's it from me and this feature Friday, make sure to check out all The Book(ish) social media links down below! Recently, Justine has made a new Instagram dedicated to The Book(ish) Box where you'll be the first to see themes, discount counts, sneak peaks and more, so be sure to give that a follow!

The Book(ish) Box Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter 

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