20 Nov 2015

Write-Up: Flitwicks

Usually I dedicate Feature Fridays to a bookish company, but this week I decided to venture out a bit and share with you all a company that I've been drooling over for a few months now! Flitwicks is a subscription based company that costs $12USD + shipping per month (they do ship internationally!). Inside each box are three pieces of jewelry based around a certain theme. The jewelry is what I consider 'costume jewelry', so it's not something you'd necessarily wear every day, but it's awesome to dress up with or to compliment a certain outfit.

I received a box with the theme 'Earth, Wind, and Fire' and was really impressed with what was inside. Let's take a look!

 Can we just start off with this freaking stunning packaging?! What I haven't shown you guys is that inside the actual box was blue tissue paper and these beautiful blue, glittery sequins, but not so many that you'd be picking them up for days. Such beauty. I think that there's a lot to be said for beautiful packaging to be honest, it definitely says something about the company.

I only managed to snap one photo of these beauties because it was too bright and all I got was glare (even with changing techy features on my camera), but aren't the gorgeous?! I wasn't sure if there were sterling silver or not, so I haven't risked putting them in my sensitive ears yet, but the kind of look worth the pain...

I am totally in love with this feather bracelet... Seriously. Not only was it fun to photograph, but it's also an extremely sturdy piece of jewelry, that's also adjustable for any wrist size! I really do adore this, especially the gold/bronze coloured metal. I had my friend put it on and it's so stylish. Love.

My photos do not in the slightest show how beautiful this piece of jewelry is. It was definitely my absolute favourite piece in the box. The chain was super long (so I had to wrap it round the tree a couple of times) which is perfect for the style of the piece, plus, it wasn't flimsy! So I wouldn't have to worry about it breaking. I cannot get over this necklace to be honest! This is the kind of necklace you can dress up or down so it's definitely one for me, haha.

As you can probably tell from my review/write up, I was extremely impressed by this subscription box. I'm not someone who changes their jewelry a lot, but I can definitely see myself wearing these pieces out and using them to dress up an outfit for sure. If you're the kind of person who loves to have jewelry all over your bedroom, then this is the subscription for you! 

Make sure to check out Flitwick's social media as they post sneak peaks, updates, and host amazing giveaways! Their social media photos are honestly always on point. I guarantee you'll want to hit that 'follow' button very quickly. 

Website // Instagram // Facebook 

I hope you enjoyed this non-bookish post, although, you could totally wear this stuff to book signings and it may sometimes fit in with a certain character when you want to dress up as a character, like, I'll be wearing my feather bracelet to see Mockingjay Part 2, so *wink wink*.

Tell me in the comments which piece is your favourite and whether or not you'd consider signing up to the amazing Flitwicks subscription box. I'd love to hear your opinions! Don't forget to subscribe so you get email updates about new posts on my blog.

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