5 Jan 2016

My bookish goals of 2016:

Over the past few weeks I've planned a lot for 2016, because who hasn't been setting themselves goals and such, but I really wanted to write things down and share them with those of you lovely people who choose to read my strange blog. It's also because writing them down means that I'll feel more compelled to actually complete the things on my goals list, rather than writing them on the 1st of Jan and then laughing at myself a week later and going back to old ways. I'm going to include some goals for my business as well, I thought that some of you might be interested in that!

I'd love to read what you're planning to do with this New Year in the comments section, so don't forget to head down there after you're done reading.

Book(ish) goals:

  • Read two books a week - Last year I read just over 50 books, but a fair few of them were graphic novels and I felt like I cheated my goal a bit. Two books a week seems like a stretch, but it's the goal I'm setting. I only set my Goodreads (add me here!) goal at 75, because we're all human, and some weeks are better than others.
  • Actually use my adult colouring books - I keep buying these beautiful books and never really using them. I think that colouring is really good way to de-stress, especially while listening to audio books, so you can just take a moment to relax.
  • Use this blog more - I made the mistake of setting myself a schedule of posting once a day last year and it honestly stressed me out so much. This year I've decided to blog more, but on my own schedule, so things are less forced and there's more variety in my content. There'll be way more reviews, I'll share adventures, I'll post what I think of lovely bookish shops, and more, but it'll be when I want to, not because of my schedule telling me that I have to do so. 
  • Buy more books - A lot of you might think "Wait, what????" but I read most of my books either on my Kindle or on my iPad, and I have a 'If you didn't like it, don't buy it in a physical copy' rule, but I kept putting off actually buying physical copies of the books I loved and it came to the end of the year and I ended up putting hundreds of dollars of books in my cart and freaking out. I'm going to buy them as I read them this year. 
Bookworm Boutique goals: 

  • Get started on secret new side of Bookworm Boutique - only a few know about this new venture and I hope you'll all be excited to see what it is!
  • Start a BookTube account - I didn't know whether to include it in these goals or my book(ish) goals, but since the BookTube will be under Bookworm Boutique's name, I thought it was best to post it here. The account will be full of book reviews, trailer reactions, book hauls, book unhauls, tags, 'movies that were based on a book' reviews and more.
  • Go to an Australian Book Expo/Event - At the moment, Bookworm Boutique can only travel as far as Australia (which I would LOVE to visit again!) so I'm on the lookout for an event that's happening in the later half of 2016, so let me know if you have any suggestions!
  • Host more giveaways on other social media - I love Instagram (as many of you know) but lately *all* my giveaways have been on there, so I'd like to do more giveaways on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Don't worry, Instagram, you'll still get as many giveaways!
  • Launch my Redbubble - As a lot of you have pointed out, Society6 doesn't post to all countries *sobs*, so I've decided I'm not only going to update my Redbubble with all my new designs, but I'm also going to enable all of their items. 
  • Restart my Bookstagram Feature account - My 'shoutout Sunday' posts were some of my most popular, but I don't feel as though shouting out nine accounts a week was enough. Early in 2015 I had an account called @bookish_kingdom where I would share beautiful pictures from the Bookstagram community. I have no idea why I stopped because there were many people using the hashtags I posted and I've had a look to see if anyone is doing anything like that, and there are bookstagram shout out accounts, but not so much for the specific part of the community I'm a part of. So I'm starting @bookstagramfeatures (click here to check it out and follow!), I'm also looking for a co-owner (so DM me at @bookstagramfeatures if you're interested). I'll be sharing a photo from a large account and a less known account every day! 
  • Host a competition - Bookworm Boutique hosts a lot of giveaways, but I'd love to do something more along the lines of a competition. A short story contest, or a photo contest? Let me know any suggestions that you might have in the comments!
  • Come up with a new logo - I don't know how in love I am with my current logo, I think that means it's time for a change. I'm so indecisive about these things, so I think I might hire someone to do it for me so that I can just choose from mock-ups rather than trying to do it myself?
  • Create 2 new designs a week - With reading two books a week, taking photos of all the beautiful things I'm sent, this new secret project, (hopefully) a BookTube, writing reviews, and more... I don't know how realistic this is! It's not so much creating the design, but having the time to make all the different file sizes and types and uploading them on different platforms is pretty time consuming, so fingers crossed!
I'm pretty sure that's all for now, though I'll probably keep adding to this list! Make sure to tell me below what your goals or resolutions for 2016 are. Don't forget to subscribe! You can subscribe via email or bloglovin', I always love hearing from you guys so don't be shy.


  1. Hi! I visited your bookstagram feature account and it's beautiful! All your goals are pretty solid. The two books a week it's pretty intense, well for me because I'm kind of a slow reader. I have been following you for some time and I admire your work ethic (posting once a week gets pretty stressful I imagine + the time it takes to capture beautiful photos + your store) But keep up the good work you have a great blog and I'm excited for your booktube!

    My goals are pretty simple
    - one classic a month
    - author diversity
    - more books from Puertorrican authors (I'm from Puerto Rico)
    - more poetry books
    - spend at least one day a week writing
    - write more in Spanish (since it is my first language but I'm more comfortable writing in English)

    Hope we both reach our goals, and we will! :)

  2. Hi Lauren!
    Your goals sound fantastic. You've made goals that will get you somewhere solid and I really admire that.
    My shortened list of goals for 2016 are:
    - run at least three more successful teespring campaigns
    - finally begin selling handmade products at my local handmade store
    - connect with more stores on instagram and build a strong support group
    - read more diversely. I don't want to set myself a number because I feel that for me, that takes away my purpose of reading.
    - launch my new secret endeavour (it was funny to read that was one of your goals too!)
    - get better at keeping shop records. Write down ins and outs as they happen rather than ages later.

    Happy new year.

    Chloe Lamplugh.