27 Jan 2016

Review: Flitwicks January 'Geometric' box!

It's time again to tell you all what was in the January Flitwicks subscription! Flitwicks is a subscription based company that costs $12USD + shipping per month (they do ship internationally!). Inside each box are three pieces of jewelry, usually a set of earrings, a necklace, and a ring, based around a certain theme. The jewelry is what I consider 'costume jewelry', so it's not something you'd necessarily wear every day, but it's awesome to dress up with or to compliment a certain outfit.

The theme of the January box was "Geometric", and I have to say, it might just be my favourite box yet! Let's have a look at what was inside...

First up were these beautiful earrings, I'm not usually one for bothering to change my earrings, but I might just have to with these beauties! The top set of triangles stay still, while the bottom of the earring is on a hinge, they are very, very lovely.

Also included in January's box was this necklace! Who doesn't like the whole coppery-gold and blue mix? Because I think it has to be one of my favourite colour combinations ever. It's on a nice long chain as well, which are my most loved styles of necklace.

My favourite item (and it's kind of hard to even have a favourite, because all the items stunned me) was this ring! As always, it was adjustable so everyone can wear it, but honestly it's my favourite cause it's just lovely and looks great!

I seriously can't say enough how much I freaking adored this month's box! Oh my goodness, so many beautiful items *cries happy tears* Remember to let me know in the comments which item is your favourite.

I also have to say, because I always do, but not only does Flitwicks have amazing products, but their packaging is my favourite.

Make sure to check out Flitwick's social media as they post sneak peaks, updates, and host amazing giveaways! Their social media photos are honestly always on point. I guarantee you'll want to hit that 'follow' button very quickly. 

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I hope you enjoyed the photos and review of this month's Flitwicks box as much as I loved receiving it and getting the chance to share it with you guys. Do you subscribe to Flitwicks? What do you think? 

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