Well, hello there! I'm Lauren, a 21 year old self-employed graphic designer/social media manager and the owner of Bookworm Boutique living in the beautiful New Zealand. I adore reading, if that wasn't already obvious, along with cooking, adventures, and playing my beautiful ukulele.

On this blog you'll find book reviews, bookish posts, interviews with authors and creators, the odd lifestyle post and more as well as updates about new designs I have available and projects I'm working on! The aim of this blog/website is to share more of myself and extend the things I do through blogging. It won't have much structure, but it will be fun... at least for me.

You can find me on Goodreads, Tumblr, Instagram (Bookstagram or Business), Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter! I hope that you'll stick around to find out more.

Sometimes on the blog you'll see this guy, Mr. Dragons, he was created by the ever so talented FictionTea and named by @tashaleath on Instagram (I asked a lot of people for suggestions and honestly there were so many beautiful and hilarious options but Bilbo Dragons just felt right for so many reasons. Thank you to everyone who made a suggestion!) He'll accompany me on book reviews.  If you're ever looking for some artwork or graphic design done, make sure to contact FictionTea. I'll be doing an interview with her soon and you'll get to learn more about how you can have your own blogging companion (or something else!)

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